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Seasmoke Seafood Platter with Dill Mayonnaise



200g Seasmoke Smoked Salmon
200g Seasmoke Smoked Mussels
200g packet Seasmoke Peppered Mackerel, flaked
2 baby cos lettuce
lime wedges, fresh dill and Italian parsley to garnish

Dill Mayonnaise:
½ cup mayonnaise
2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
1 tablespoon lemon juice


To prepare the mayonnaise, combine all ingredients. Set aside.

Place the lettuce leaves on a large platter. Arrange the smoked salmon, the smoked mussels and the flaked peppered mackerel on the lettuce.

Garnish the platter with the lime wedges, dill and Italian parsley. Serve with the dill mayonnaise and a selection of breads

Serves 6