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Welcome to Seasmoke

Welcome to the new Seasmoke site.  We hope you will enjoy this site as much as you enjoy Seasmoke Seafood - if you love traditionally smoked, quality seafood; you'll love Seasmoke! As it has a selection of mouth-watering premium smoked seafood delicacies for any occasion.  Our website site is full of delicious smoked seafood recipes and ideas for serious home Gourmet, from luscious light meals to elegant entertaining canapés ideas. To get the most of this site select a recipe from our Luscious Light Meals or Elegant Entertaining recipe collection. Or browse our selection of finely crafted smoked seafood products for inspiration. And why not submit your favourite Seasmoke recipe to WIN a Seasmoke Gourmet Selection Box?  And don't forget to 'sign up' to receive exclusive offers, news and recipes from our kitchen.